Biographie (EN)

Susana Pilgrim was born in Argentina in 1965.
While in Buenos Aires she attended the Faculty of Philosophy for a period and then the Academy of Fine Art.
She moved to Italy in 1988. While in Bologna she returned to studying art, in 1993, and obtained her diploma in Fine Arts in 1997.
She has always worked in the social and educational field and has had the opportunity to have an in-depth look at many and varied social and cultural situations.
Since 1993 she has participated in several of the research projects carried out both in Italy and abroad in the field of Special Education and she has made several short films within the context of pedagogical research.

Susan Pilgrim has worked in various European countries. Besides Bologna and Sicily in Italy, she has also been based in Greece and Switzerland. For the last ten years she has been living and working in Berlin, where she has had the opportunity to explore video-making and audiovisual narration, as well as the creation of brief films for websites and on-line magazines.
In 2006 she made her first documentary, Sobre las palabras (‘about words’). It was filmed in a village in the Argentine countryside where people of different cultural origins live.
She shot a video essay in Israel and Jordan in 2007, which remains unedited.
TRY I WILL was made between 2009 and 2010 and looks at the experience of a young man with Down syndrome who attends the University of Bologna and becomes the first intellectually disabled student to be awarded an Erasmus scholarship. This is the first of the director’s documentary films to be offered to European audience.


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Podría decir como me llamo, donde vivo, lo que pienso y lo que hago, pero no me pregunten quien soy, porque no tengo ni idea.
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