One World for Children and Teenagers

Ci Provo
Susana Pilgrim / Italy /  2010 / 62 min.


12.03. / 18:00 / Světozor malý sál
13.03. / 16:00 / Městská knihovna

Twenty-three-year-old Italian Luigi Fantinelli studies at a university in Bologna and is applying for a study placement in Spain within the framework of the Socrates Erasmus programme.

Of more than two million students who have participated in this programme, he is the very first who has Down’s Syndrome. In 1977, Italy abolished special schools for children with this handicap and it restructured its education system to enable disabled children and children without disabilities to study together.

Director Susana Pilgrim tells Luigi’s story. This determined young man’s only dream is to obtain a university education. In Bologna, he is not only preparing for a future pedagogical career, he is also becoming more and more independent. He lives in a rented apartment with his fellow students and splits chores with them. He finds a girlfriend and later travels to Murcia in Spain, where he will study and work in an organisation for disabled people.

The film does not refrain from reflecting on how difficult it is for someone to assert themselves in a world of people without disabilities, who are not accustomed to the idea that society is a lot more diverse. Luigi and his friends must follow a path where mutual support is important.

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Podría decir como me llamo, donde vivo, lo que pienso y lo que hago, pero no me pregunten quien soy, porque no tengo ni idea.
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