Normal Festival 2011 – Challenged by Art

Prague – 11th – 13th November, Aero Cinema, Alfred ve Dvore theatre

This year for the sixth time on the topic … there’s still more to conquer!

For the sixth time, we are dedicating the Normal Festival to the life stories and artistic work of people who are slower at some things, who have more difficulty getting their bearings in the surrounding world and who probably did not excel in school. This year, the Festival follows up on a two-day international conference entitled Conquering Public Spaces, at which nearly 40 organisations devoted to creative work with people with learning disabilities will present themselves in Prague

They hit the streets with microphones and cameras capturing events small and large – the cultural events of their friends, life in daytime care facilities and even in a Czech village in the Banat region of Romania, opinions of the expert public and of politicians on global warming and flooding the world with rubbish, they blog about what a day in their lives is like, film a reportage about the Kaplický Library, they exhibit in their favourite cafés and, after initial success with their theatrical production Cabaret at the End of the World, they are already working on another one. They collaborate with Inventura and have learning disabilities. This year, too, they conquered public spaces in a range of areas of artistic and journalistic creation, and determined that there’s still more to conquer. At the Normal Festival, they will present their work again in the context of art by people with learning disabilities and about such individuals from around the world.


Kino Aero, Biskupcova 31, Praha 3,

Saturday, 12 November


Try I will

(Susana Pilgrim / Italy / 2010 / 62 min.)

23-year-old Italian Luigi Fantinelli studies at a university in Bologna. He is the first and thus far the only person with Down syndrome to apply for a study placement in the Socrates Erasmus programme. In 1977, Italy abolished special schools for children with this disability, enabling them to study together with other children. Director Susana Pilgrim presents the determined Luigi, whose dream is to obtain a university education. In Bologna, he is not only preparing for a future teaching career, he is also becoming more and more independent. He lives in a rented apartment with other students, finds a girlfriend and later travels to Murcia in Spain, where he will study in Spanish and work at an organisation for people with disabilities. How difficult is it to succeed when competing with people without an apparent disability?

Before the film we will screen the short film Portrait of Maria by Denmark’s TV Glad. What all does a young woman with Down syndrome have to do to persuade her loved ones to acknowledge that she is an adult and has the right to pursue what interests her?


ALFRED VE DVOŘE, Františka Křížka 36, Praha 7




Acerca de OHNESTAativ produktionen

Podría decir como me llamo, donde vivo, lo que pienso y lo que hago, pero no me pregunten quien soy, porque no tengo ni idea.
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