Festival: WE SPEAK, HERE. presenta CI PROVO ONLINE

CI PROVO arriva a casa di tutti!

  CI PROVO by ONLINE Festival:


Il film de Luigi Fantinelli e amici,  nella sua versione completa e con sottotitoli in inglese sará proiettato ONLINE fino alla fine di Agosto 2012. Da subito lo puoi vedere gratuitamente y puoi anche votare per lui!!!!

Lo que muchos estaban esperando!

La película de Luigi Fantinelli y compañia, nella sua versione completa e con subtítulos en inglés, al alcance de todos! Ahora ONLINE, hasta fines de agosto de 2012. Desde ya, la puedes ver en internet gratuitamente y puedes votar por ella!!!!


(Con subtítulos en inglés)

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Who is Culture Unplugged:

Culture Unplugged’ is not just a name of a studio, it is a mission – a vision and aspiration to integrate disparate parts of the self and the global human society. It aims to achieve this, primarily by leveraging the power of new media and extending the effort to offline events and actions. But above all, achieve the mission by being the seeker of truth ‘herself’ on the journey ‘her’ vision charts ahead – not just be an organization, but be the way of being – as referred here as ‘She’.

At present, Culture Unplugged efforts are focused on enabling networks of socially & spiritually conscious content and its creators. With presence in India, USA, Indonesia and New Zealand, we are dedicated to bring authentic/independent voices of diverse cultures to global audiences. We are committed to contemplate and contribute to our personal as well as collective spiritual need of the time. Our focus is on the inner+inter cultural expression. Our aim is to work toward unity & harmony through all kinds of man-made divisions.

In brief, Culture Unplugged, by and for global community of conscious storytellers, culture explorers and world citizens to reflect on issues and life experiences in contemporary world – a new media studio focused on producing as well as promoting socially & spiritually sensitive stories/films that does not merely express but pulsate to energize, enchant, enlighten, engage or embrace the humanity in us all.

Read more about Cultural Unplugged here: http://www.cultureunplugged.com/documentarystudio/watch-online/festival/about.php


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