The European Disability Forum (EDF) is the European umbrella organisation representing the interests of 80 million persons with disabilities in Europe. The mission of EDF is to ensure persons with disabilities full access to fundamental rights in Europe through their active involvement in policy implementation. EDF is a member of the Social Platform and works closely with the European institutions, the Council of Europe and the United Nations.

The Freedom Guide The European Commission is working on the European Accessibility Act.

80 million persons with disabilities want it strong and useful.

We have asked:

  • the disability movement
  • academicians
  • experts

about their vision. They explain how to design an effective Accessibility Act.

They talk about freedom.

The Freedom Guide is the one of most important outcome of the EDF top campaign addressing Freedom of movement: the disability movement, experts from NGOs, from the industry and academics have contributed to express how Europe should be accessible.

This is a key tool to design a barrier free Europe, and a great reference to understand what is the right vision for the European Commission to work on the European Accessibility Act.

The Freedom guide is available in English, French and in a word alternative version on demand.



35 Square de Meeus 1000 Brussels – Belgium

Tel + 32 2 282 46 00 Fax + 32 2 282 46 09

4. For more information about sign language interpretation abroad, download the latest publication of the European Forum of Sign Language Interpreters:

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